Mapache Backpack

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  • Mapache Backpack

Mapache Backpack

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Handmade raccoon backpack ideal for kids or grownups that only carry essentials.

  • Interior dimensions are 9 x 3.5 inches and 12 inches tall
  • Materials used are handmade fabrics and synthetic leather
Sariskiz is  ecstatic to introduce its:


PISTIS, NYX and DWYN want to join you in your daily adventures.
Take them with you and allow yourself an untangled day!
They were not treated with polyurethanes, synthetic waxes or any mineral oils. Color seen is real wood color. 
To further take care of your lady companion, just remember to nourish her (your comb) once a month with coconut oil and let her rest overnight.
She will love it!

Be your own kind of goddess!