The Sariskiz adventure began as two engineers decided to pursue a different endeavor from the daily grind and it all started from a simple need from Sara: a cute portable comb.  Not satisfied from what was being currently offered, they decided to create their own. With no previous product design experience, Sara and Gabriel jumped from idea to idea until they reached their desired standards in terms of portability, design, and practicality. However, the end of the road was not even close, as they embarked into the world of wood working. After many mistakes, frustrations, and long working hours they finally ended with a comb they were proud of.


It is not coincidence that we decided to create the comb from scratch as Sara and Gabriel have always have had a great amount of appreciation for everything handcrafted from basic jewelry such as earrings, necklaces to kitchen tools like molcajetes and Damascus knives. The patience, dedication, and attention to detail that crafters pour into their products is what these two admire the most.


Thank you for supporting us! Each and every day is a learning lesson for both us. And remember that each wood comb has been crafted with passion and delicacy.


We really hope you like them, and wish you an untangled day!
The two wood sprites running Sariskiz