PISTIS- Goddess of Trust

Personality: She is calm and kind with an
unquenchable thirst for knowledge
Hobbies: Arts, reading, and yoga
Loves: Ice cream
Treasured comb: Bocote 

NYX - Goddess of the Night

Personality: She enjoys living on the edge and is so
energetic and enthusiastic that is contagious
Hobbies: Sports, dancing, traveling
Loves: Outdoor activities
Treasured comb: Bolivian Rosewood

Dwyn- Goddess of Love

Personality: She is dedicated, social, and always ready 
to defend her loved ones
Hobbies: Karaoke, cooking, baking and gardening
Loves: All kinds of pets
Treasured comb: Chakte Viga, Redheart and Yellowheart

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