Wood Comb Benefits


When I was around 12 years old I got what it felt like a grown up present for Christmas. It was a kit that had cute pretty items in a little basket. It had a wood roller to massage yourself, one bath loofah made from natural luffa (which felt extremely rough for me back then). I am talking about the ones that are round shaped with an elastic band to help you hold it. However, the third (and best) item included was a small wooden brush that I loved and used for many many years until it basically fell apart. When I first got the gift I had mixed feelings since as I was still into toys. However, everything was so beautiful that I made the best out of it. Surprisingly, I ended up using the brush for many years and, as of today, I am still grateful for that gift as it got me interested in wooden combs.

As promised, I will tell you some of the benefits of using wood combs.

If you google “benefits of wood combs” the search engine will output a total of 2,600,000 results in 0.44 seconds! AMAZING! Isn’t it? Most articles out there agree on most of the benefits from utilizing a wooden comb. Here is a summary of those common benefits plus some that I've found from personal experience. How does that sound? Hope you enjoy the read!

Most common benefits:

  • Wooden combs do not cause static on your hair like metal and plastic combs do. Static can leave your hair brittle and prone to break. If you want to test them, rub the combs on your hair and see how they behave after you separate them. You might even be able to pick tiny bits of paper with your comb if enough static is created.
  • Shinier hair. How? Your wooden comb helps you distribute natural oils while combing your hair gently.
  • Can be used on all hair types! Long hair is easily detangled by wide teeth combs!

Interesting benefits:

  • Wide toothed wooden combs do not pull or break the hair while metal and plastic combs tend to pull it too harsh. It is believed that wooden combs glide smoothly through the scalp which makes detangling much easier.
  • No dryness or greasiness on your hair since wooden combs help you distribute the natural oils in your scalp (sebum). Also, wood can absorb extra oils leaving your hair less greasy and oily.
  • Dandruff is reduced using wooden combs. It is believed that the scalp damage created by using metal and plastic combs can have a direct effect on dandruff.

Benefits from personal experience:

  • Wooden combs do not bruise or scrap your scalp. Instead, they will help you massage your scalp without damage. Plastic combs are most likely produced by injection molding, and more likely the two-part-mold leaves traces at every edge/teeth of the comb. The plastic traces solidify into very thin plastic that is not always removed prior to getting on the shelf. This thin plastic can be scratching your scalp without you noticing it. Similar plastic traces can be sometimes found on the edge of disposable spoons.
  • You feel your scalp being massaged. This provides a relaxing state that helps ease the nerves and calm the mind to a large extent. True fact: when I was combing Julieta’s hair to take her picture (which will be posted soon) she let me know that she could've easily fell asleep.
  • Wood combs are strong and can last a long time. Since they do not have bristles that can easily wear out, you do not have to worry on how old your comb looks since they age gracefully.

So now you might ask how to take care of your wooden comb. Easy:

  • Clean it after every use by removing any trapped hair.
  • Once a month use coconut oil (or flaxseed, or linseed oil). Just rub a few drops, let it absorb it overnight, and remove the excess oil the next day. You can use a cloth or a brush (like an old makeup brush) to distribute the oil through all of it.

Never use olive oil, since it will eventually give a rancid odor to your comb.

  • If your comb has dirt and residue from hair products, you can use a fine sandpaper to remove it. Then use a cloth to remove the sandpaper remnants and then do step 2.

And now you might want to know what not to do:

  • Never drop your comb. The microstructure of the wood consists of grains that are aligned in one direction. Sometimes the impact from dropping the wood will propagate small pores in the grain boundaries that translate as a crack, reaching the surface and therefore separating the grains. This can break your comb.
  • Do not submerge your comb in liquids. Wood expands when water is absorbed and can distort and weaken the comb.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your comb. You can use countertop products formulated for wood care, but using coconut oil will be more than enough to nourish your comb.

I hope you enjoyed this short read, and that it gave you a better feel on wood combs. Nonetheless, you have to try them yourself to decide what benefits you feel confident to share and call them your personal experience. As for me, wood combs started being my favorite since I was 12 years old. Mainly because of how clean they look even after years of use as well as how they massage my scalp.

At Sariskiz we are proud to share our wood combs! Our goal is that you will have your comb with you always! They are a bit bigger than a business card. Portability, functionality and aesthetics are what we wanted to provide. We hope you like them as much as we do!

If by any chance you have a benefit that I didn’t mention, feel free to send me an e-mail to sara@sariskiz.com and I will make sure to include it!

Be your own kind of goddess!
Sara from Sariskiz