Upcoming Surprise!

Hello again! I know it has been a while, buuuuut we have a good reason for it. Promise.

These past few months we have been working really hard to develop our own product line.  As of the last three years (perhaps even more, twice as that?), I have been interested in everything natural, in terms of what you eat, what you “smear” in your skin and hair, and what you use in your daily routine. Maybe I am giving too much already. I want to keep the product secret until it’s finally ready.

Designing and creating a new product from scratch was a brand new experience for both of us. Even though we are at the small business scale level, it takes a lot of planning and testing to obtain what you originally pictured as the end product.  Don Alex (a.k.a. my husband) and I started discussing how awesome it would be to create and share our own products and ideas. The brainstorming began. It took us a couple of weeks to solidify various ideas throughout late 2016.  As soon as January started taking strength, so did our commitment to pursue what we had in mind.

Purchasing testing material and equipment was necessary for every idea we had written down in the list. This included PPE, or what is commonly known in the industrial world as personal protective equipment.

One of the first materials with started experimenting with was cork. It is an incredible material, soft, water resistant, widely available in forms of rolls and sheets, stoppers, tiles, natural blocks etc.  Nonetheless, after plenty of research, testing, iterations and challenges faced our final conclusion: cork is still in consideration for other concept ideas in the near future.

Next step: wood. But not just any wood, we wanted high quality wood that would deliver the best properties and benefits for our intended purposes. Working wood the proper way is not something you learn in a day or two, it could be a lifetime learning process (as with almost any other endeavor). First, we learned how to (safely) handle and operate our newly acquired  wood working tools. It can get a little intimidating at the start, but with constant practice and guidance you get comfortable in no time. It took various iterations in order to obtain an end product that made us smile. The product design kept changing in terms of size, shape, thickness, colors, textures, etc. The reason why this is important is due to what we might think is best at the time, might not be feasible or ideal when working with the raw wood material.

Just to get technical for the geek of it, Wood, as metals (my background), have a texture, meaning the grains are aligned in certain directions, and this is the essence of their anisotropic properties. It might be stronger when applying pressure on one direction compared to the other (i.e. cracks propagate faster in a particular direction).Basically, we had a learning curve to experience in order to provide you with what we hope will form part of your daily routine and everyday adventures (since it can go with you everywhere).

So, just excusing ourselves of why we haven’t had a blog in so long, I just want to finish with what started as a short story with a little gift. Once we release our product, please feel free to use the code: IWANTIT for a 20% discount on our own product! This code will be valid for two weeks after its release date. How will you know it is released? Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media!


Have a wonderful day/week/month,
Sara from Sariskiz