November 2018 is gone and you will never get it back! Novembers's birthstone is topaz and symbolizes friendship and its birth flower is the chrysanthemum. By talking to two of my friends that happen to be certified Kundalini Yoga instructors, I was told how November 11 of 2018 is a special day. They mentioned how it was a special portal that we would not see again in our lifetime and everything mentioned was related to the numbers behind the date: 11/11/11 (2+0+1+8=11). From what I understood from the conversation was that Sunday 11th, would be a day full of energy and whatever endeavor you started that day would be started with the outmost positivity, if you google it you find a lot of links about the 11:11 Portal, and by reading a bit about it I can tell you my quick summary: they recommend that you spend time alone, in nature and focus in YOURSELF. If there is something you do not like in your life change will have to start within you, and as I read “no one outside of you can change you”. That is something so obvious, but we always forget! Example: if someone is always doing something (intentionally or unintentional) that makes you mad, remember that you can not change that person, but you can change YOURSELF and how you react to other’s behavior! Makes sense? Kind of, right? So as you read this, probably days, months or years from the actual 11/11/2018, try to remember how you spent your Sunday that day and realize that it is really hard and kind of impossible! So just to be fair, let’s all try to live each day with more intention to make them count!

Another interesting super-obvious-fact about November is that it always has Thanksgiving day in it. Thanksgiving day became a federal holiday in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, during the American civil war, and Roosevelt set the date to the fourth Thursday in November. According to history, the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World and 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims celebrated for 3 days.

In the not so far present, family members will travel back home and reunite Thursday night to celebrate Thanksgiving by eating together and having a memorable evening enjoying the company of each other! In a very short survey I did to 5 people, 4 of them said that they like Thanksgiving day more than the other very famous holiday in December. Their reasoning behind it was that they liked the food and the quality family time. Nonetheless, for the last decade it has felt that Black Friday has been taking more and more time from Thanksgiving on Thursday! Stores are opening earlier each year trying to beat competition. Everyone likes discounts, but the sad side of this, is that people is choosing shopping over family reunions, and some of them are even forced to leave their Thanksgiving dinner to go back to work.

So, even though I have been mumbling throughout this write up, I hope that you get two main things away from reading this: 1) Focus on yourself and make yourself happy, 2) Enjoy your loved ones at every opportunity you have! And lastly, if you have been thinking of getting that beautiful Sariskiz comb, use discount code THANKS!  for 10% discount (valid until 12/07/2018). And just in case you didn’t read this on Social Media: we are grateful for every single one of YOU that have supported us so far! THANK YOU!!