Halloween or Día de Muertos?


Hello again!!

So now we have October! When I think of October, the first thing that comes to mind is the wonderful moon that illuminates the sky. To many, this is the best month to get married due to the nice weather in El Paso/Cd. Juarez area. Others love the sight of leaves falling down, the beginning of shorter and colder days, and the sudden whim to take midnight walks while drinking hot beverages smelling of pumpkin spices.

According to the History channel, 2000 years ago, the Celts marked October 31st as the end of summer/harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. A time of the year that was often associated with human death since the line dividing the living and the death became blurry that day. Such period was commemorated with sacrifices of crops and animals in huge sacred bonfires as a ritual to their deities to get protection during the coming winter. Celtics doing the ritual wore animal heads and skin during the celebration and attempted to foresee the future with the help of the ghosts attending the ceremony. Later, when the Romans conquered the Celtics territory, it was determined that in order to commemorate the martyrs and the saints November 1st and 2nd would be dedicated to them (this done with an attempt to hide the Celtics traditions).

Regardless of how October is embraced, there is a day known as Halloween in the US as well as “Día de Muertos” in Mexico. On Halloween, everyone gets to wear their favorite costume and have fun with family/friends. Through the Día de Muertos celebration people create what is known as “altares.” This is a designated area with the picture of the people you love that have passed away, and in there, you provide them with their favorite food and drinks for them to enjoy. 

Due to the proximity of both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, traditions such as Día de Muertos and Halloween cross borders for everyone to enjoy. At Sariskiz (established in El Paso, TX), we enjoy both cultural traditions by either eating a delicious pan de muerto (i.e. sweet bread) or wearing a costume of choice.  If you are close to El Paso,TX and want to give Sariskiz a visit you can come to celebrate either tradition in:

- the Halloween night market at Montecillo on October 16th from 5 to 9 pm, and

-for the Día de Muertos Sariskiz will be at the Amor de Muertos Mercado at 5 Points Bistro on October 29th from 3 to 10pm. 

As part of the celebration, children will be getting some sweet treats!

See you soon!!!

Sara from Sariskiz