Hello all!

As you can tell, it has been a while since my last blog post. If you have been following us on social media (Facebook or Instagram) maybe you have noticed that I have changed the posted content from Sariskiz.

I have been reading a lot on how to take care of your hair, recommendations, what to do, what not to do. But always trying simple natural solutions that are both efficient and easy to learn. Lucky us, we have loads of information available online.

This means I am going back to my childhood. I do not know about your childhood, but you might relate to mine a bit here. “Might” being the keyword here since we all live through different situations.

We, my brothers and I, grew up with no cousins, aunts, or grandparents close to home. My mom and dad moved from the city when we were born, where ALL the rest of our family lived when we were toddlers. As a result, my interaction with other family members where limited to summer vacations and the December holiday season. Limited time, but fun quality time nonetheless.

To me that is normal, not ideal, but is the kind of cards you are dealt with, so you adapt. Since I was a little kid, my mom was the only woman that had to guide me through every stage of my life. Now a little bit of info about her. She would always take care of herself, but in a do-it-yourself-not-expensive way. Saturday mornings would be used on her beauty rituals. Most Saturdays I would see her with “stuff” on her face laying on her bed face-up. Next Saturday she would be with her whole beauty kit taking care of her hand and toe nails (including a feet massage). Other Saturdays she would have a homemade concoction on her hair wrapped up in a plastic bag while doing some house chores. And this last sentence is what I want to talk about. My mom would use mayonnaise and spread it heavily on her hair. She would also use different products found in her fridge such as: avocados, papaya, warm-mashed tomatoes, etc. Sometimes she utilized warmed-up castor and olive oil as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up with my grandmothers. But it was ok since my mom has all that grandma-knowledge deeply impregnated in her being. I always thought those kind of things - using food as beauty products - were passed on to younger generations as some kind of treasured knowledge. I was wrong.

To spice up this blog post, I decided to interview my mom. SURPRISE SURPRISE. My family secret beliefs were shattered. My thoughts of grandma passing that knowledge to mom was not true. It turns out my mom learned all those beauty tips from the magazine Cosmopolitan. She started reading the magazine since she was 18! She started experimenting with all kinds of food in her hair, face, and skin since she was very young! I guess marketing in the late 60’s was all about natural products as now. It is the cycle of fashion and beauty. Everything comes back.

As a teen, I was never into magazines. However, I did love books. Period. That means no beauty tricks for me.  Sad to think about it, since I never mimicked my mom. Only when she forced me to put all kinds of stuff on my face before going to an important event (e.g. a wedding). My mom is now 60 years old. And her hair is AMAZING. She stopped dying her hair a couple of years ago. Now, her hair is a beautiful mix of silver, white and black. Her hair is thick, full and super soft. It has those natural waves that mine doesn’t. And has the perfect amount of volume.  Now that they retired, my mom and dad go to yoga classes first thing in the morning and right after swim for an hour three times a week. Guess what? Now my mom is mixing olive oil with rosemary (she boils rosemary in water) and applies it to her hair before their classes to protect it from the heavy chlorine used in the swimming pool. If that was not enough, she has her special hair soap to use after swimming. That is some dedication, right?

I never did as she does, until recently. It was not until my late 20’s/early 30’s that I started loving natural products. And now, as she, I start to apply some concoctions in my face and hair. It is never too late to start taking care of your hair. What matters in the end is consistency. The reward is always worth it!

Meet my mom…

Start pampering your hair like my mom, I will write again soon…
Sara from Sariskiz