Global warming or just a perfect sunshine day?

Last week while I was talking to my husband while eating lunch he mentioned that the day was looking great with that perfect sunshine.  I had already planned my day in order to do some accounting and a little bit of product research. However, after taking a glance through the window I quickly changed my mind and set up for a photoshoot.  As I have mentioned in previous posts I love taking pictures.  It makes me happy to think that people do appreciate all the pictures that we share throughout our social media.

This time, my friend Clara (thanks again!!!) was my beautiful model.  I was lucky enough that she had some time to spare. We drove to the Fountain’s Mall, which is the newest and trending shopping place in El Paso, Texas. We decided on the outfits, landscapes and products we wanted to showcase. Right after the photo shoot session we went for some delicious dessert. Stay tuned for those pictures!

So, why do I keep questioning if it is global warming or it was just a really nice day? Well, the city of El Paso is located in a dry desert zone in which the cold weather starts around November and ends in March (before spring break). The coldest day used to be felt in early January all through February, usually with a couple of snowflakes around this time. Five years ago the city hit a low of +8 Fahrenheit. Throughout that week, the city went crazy. Broken pipelines were reported left and right that even our local Home Depot didn’t have enough supplies to meet the high demand. Many places like banks, colleges, and malls went out of electricity causing them to close for a whole week. You are probably now more familiar with the weather in El Paso now that you read this mini story.  Unfortunately, last year (i.e. 2016) the trend changed drastically which took away a little bit of the holiday spirit from us. The not so cold weather in the region left us wondering when we would be craving that nice hot cocoa, coffee, or tea beverage. And at this rate, it looks like we are headed full force into a warm Valentines’ Day!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about sunny warm days, but to be honest, the back of my mind keeps thinking that we have messed up our planet to a point where even the weather is screaming for help! Do you feel the same way?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and even when they can be a little too real, just remember that sunny days are always fun to have!

       Sara from