Beauty tricks!

Hello again,

If you read my previous blog, this is the follow up.  If you didn’t, let me summarize what is relevant for this reading.

This year I have been reading on hair care from all angles, and for the last few months I started sharing my findings. The sequence is something like this:

As you can see from the sequence, if I like what I read, I share the knowledge. Then, I try it myself, and if I like the outcome, it stays as part of my beauty routine. Sometimes you can read my opinion in the beauty tips I post since I only share it when it’s relevant.

Regarding my posting process you might ask: why don’t you try it first, and only post what works for you?  Because we are all different and what doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it wont work for someone else. Ten years ago, one of my professors gave us a mind blowing piece of information that I had never considered: “we all have different pH”. It stuck in my memory ever since.

In simple terms (thanks google!): pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. Solutions with a high concentration of hydrogen ions have a low pH and solutions with a low concentrations of H+ ions have a high pH. Values below 7 indicate acidity while values above 7 indicate alkalinity of water soluble substances.

There is an estimated ideal pH value for different parts of our body. For our hair, the optimum value is between 4.5 and 5.5, which is an acidic value. When our hair is within this range, the cuticles are closed and healthy, and the natural pH level of our hair and scalp will create acidic sebum that helps fight bacteria.

Why is this important? Because this determines how your hair will respond to the products that you apply to it. Did you ever wondered why the shampoo that seems to make miracles for you, doesn’t work for your sister? Or your husband? Or how sometimes the same shampoo that you have been using for what feels like forever suddenly is leaving your hair dry and stiff? The reason is that your pH might have changed without you planning for it. Shampoos also have their own pH. The product you choose has to be the right level for you. If not, your hair will feel it harsher than it should since strong acids (low pH) will damage the hair while mild acidic conditions can add a small surface that reflects the light and we perceive as shiny hair. Also, high alkalinity in your shampoo might open the hair cuticles while high acidity will make it contract. Remember that also the water with which you shower might affect your hair as well, not just the hair products.

There is plenty of information available online. There are sites that even tell you how to use the test strips to measure pH for the products you use. Even better, you can learn how to use natural products to balance the pH of your scalp. As for me goes, I feel my hair and my scalp to assess what is working and what is not.

Back to your question: I post what I like because it might work for you. And if I already took the time to read about it, what better than to provide a post with a one-minute-read summary. So if you like it: let me know. If you tried it: let me know. If you want to add information to it: comment on it!

And just in case you are also trying the beauty tips I post, here is a suggestion for the papaya hair mask: use a blender! I can tell you I loved the results 90% of the time. However, if you make the puree using hands only, little chunks of papaya can be an annoyance to remove! BUT it was worth it since my hair looked and felt healthier/shinier right after.

The egg yolk with olive oil recipe I really liked as well. Easy to make, apply, remove, and with great results. I was worried I would have a smelly trace after, but I didn’t, which was great. Now that I think about it I did wash my hair twice because I was worried about it. This mix is a keeper for me since it is more likely that I have eggs than papaya at home, and it felt like a faster process.

Please let me know if you have tried them. I truly enjoy reading about your adventures while doing it as well as the outcomes. Also, if you have a beauty tip you want me to post, just tell me! You can send me a DM on IG or FB or email me at

Until next time!
Sara from Sariskiz