We are open!!! (yay!)

Hello! If you are reading this post is for mainly two reasons: 1) we have finally opened the store and 2) you are a friend or a family member who is checking our site. For both reasons we are very thankful for your support and hope you will let us know how to improve, if you find something (which is always the case) that is worth upgrading!

If by any chance, you are just new to the store and you are reading this (btw... very exciting for us!), and do not know any of us in person, it means that we have grown outside our perimeter of "knowns" (if that's even a word). Hopefully you like what you see, will want to own a comb (or two :p) and will recommend us with your perimeter of "knowns"

In this section (the blogs) you will be able to find a short posts of 1) sariskiz, 2) anything related on combs, 3) how to use natural products for your own benefit and why not, how can we help our planet and our health with manageable habits at home/office (basically, where we spend most of our time). 

Thank you for your support and have a lovely day!