La Viña Wine Festival

Hello, I want to tell you a little story from an experience we had a couple of weeks ago. We, as Sariskiz, participated at La Viña Wine Festival as vendors. The event took place in La Union, New Mexico, which is right next to El Paso, Texas (Sariskiz location).

As we arrived to set everything up, we were amazed that such a wonderful place is flourishing right in the middle of the desert. As you know, El Paso Texas is located in a desert climate, and it is characterized by the intense dry heat of the summer days as well as the cool breeze you get at night till before dawn. In El Paso, it usually only rains for a month (if we are lucky) and we get an inch of snow (if any) a year. So, basically, you have the best of every season for a period of time long enough so you start craving the next season.

La Viña was proudly bragging all the grape vines surrounding the area destined for the festival.  At the festival, there were many handcrafts and food vendors that you could easily have spent the whole afternoon eating the delicious food and looking at every shop. On the food side, you could find handmade cookies, goat cheese, beef jerky and many other things besides the traditional plates you find at festivals (i.e. gorditas, quesadillas, corn on the cob, pizza, etc). Everything we tried was so yummy! We even brought home our own portion of goat milk cheese!

The handcrafts and handmade products available at the festival were so innovative that Sariskiz was a great fit. At the festival I encountered many like-minded people who love natural products and are aware of the importance of environmental sustainability. Another great thing of the festival was the opportunity to interact in-person with the attendees. Lastly, I want to mention how amazing it was to talk to other people, especially people older than me! They get excited as kids by hand-made products of high quality. Festival attendees who were having a wine of glass would express their desire for more after reading the slogan on our table "DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY". Just like the slogan, Sariskiz will continue bringing products that make me happy, in the hopes that they will make you happy as well! And to all of you that supported Sariskiz at the festival we want to say, THANK YOU!